Success Stories

Martha, 83, came to Campbellsville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center after having been in the hospital for over three months due to a peritoneal abscess. Having had been in the hospital setting for so long, and having multiple issues, there was uncertainty about what the future held for Martha. There was one thing that she was certain about, however – she was going to return back home to her garden and her newly remodeled home. Arriving at the facility with a tube feed, muscle weakness, and difficulty walking, there was likely a long road ahead for Martha, but she had a great outlook on life and was very motivated.

She completed her therapy in just 45 days! She received occupational, physical, and speech therapies five days a week for six weeks successfully. Upon admission, her level (on a scale of 1-10) for Activities of Daily Living was at a level 3.5, for mobility a level 5.3, and for swallowing a level 7. Upon her discharge, her levels were 9, 8.7, and 10 respectively. Martha made great progress during her stay here and Campbellsville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center wishes her the best! Thanks for choosing us for your inpatient rehab needs.


Not being able to walk wasn’t the only thing Doris was worried about when she went into the local hospital. According to her, everything had started to fail because of that, including her lack of appetite and her increase in falls. Doris said she had just given up. When she gave her preferences to the hospital case manager, Doris was told the only facility with beds available was at Campbellsville Nursing and Rehab and that was okay with her.

“I was looking forward to rehab and was apprehensive at first because it wasn’t my first choice to go, but it’s my first choice now! I am so glad Campbellsville Nursing and Rehab had a place for me. I have no regrets.”

Doris was able to meet many new people and make new friends during many of the activities available to her. She was also encouraged by the qualified staff at Campbellsville Nursing and Rehab to meet her rehabilitation goals and return happily and safely back to her home. Before receiving therapy, Doris was not walking and needed maximum assistance with transfers and ADLs. At her discharge, she was walking consistently 25-50 feet and required minimal assistance with transfers and ADLs. Campbellsville Nursing and Rehabilitation helped Doris achieve 98.5 % of her optimal level of functional independence. Congratulations and good luck Doris! The staff at Campbellsville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center wish you well!

Leonard, 77, was recently hospitalized following a stroke he had while at home. During his hospital stay, he and his wife decided he would benefit greatly from a short stay at a skilled nursing facility. Having completed therapy at a skilled nursing facility before, his wife knew just where he should go. Leonard successfully completed rehab during a three-week stay here at Campbellsville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, the same place his wife and countless other people have stayed before to complete their therapy.

After his stroke, Leonard was left having some difficulty with his endurance, communication, and mobility. The skilled therapists at Campbellsville Nursing and Rehab created a customized rehabilitation program to address his functional deficits including occupational, physical, and speech therapies. Upon his admission, Leonard was at a level 4 (scale of 1-10) for his endurance of cardio rehab, a level 5 with his communication, and a level 6 with his functional mobility. On his day of discharge, he was at a level 9 for cardio and communication, and a level 10 for functional mobility. After receiving therapy five times a week during his stay, Leonard returned home with his wife and pets.